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We got the basics....

overnight boarding

You bring the extras

The Suite

A kennel suite provides a tranquil retreat for your dog, fostering relaxation and security.  The enclosed space ensures a sense of safety, while comfortable bedding and familiar toys create a soothing environment.

The Beds

Kuranda is our exclusive provider of dog beds.  Kuranda stands out for their durable chew-resistant design while providing unmatched comfort with orthopedic support.  Elevated construction keeps dogs cool.  Easy cleaning ensures proper disinfection.

The Bowls

Our boarding facility prioritizes canine well-being by providing custom bowls or slow feeders to ensure dogs enjoy meals at their pace, promoting healthy digestion and a positive dining experience.

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Food / Medications

Sending your dog's regular food to the kennel ensures dietary consistency, reducing the risk of digestive issues.  The familiar food promotes comfort, easing the transition in a new environment contributing to a happier, healthier stay.

***Due to the potential dangers of food borne illness blood raw food is not accepted***


A washable blanket from home enhances your dogs comfort and cleanliness.  It provides a familiar scent, reduces stress and promotes a positive boarding experience.

***please do not send large, overstuffed dog beds that cannot be washed***

Toys / Chew Treats

Favourite toys provide familiarity, comfort and entertainment.  It eases stress, enhances emotional well-being and makes the stay happier and more enjoyable. 

Getting Ready for Doggie Daycare
Nothing is required for a great day of stay and play at daycare. 

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